DIY Egg Carton Herbs

DIY Egg Carton Herbs

Spending two months of #vanlife last year, really made me reconsider how much I really need in my day-to-day. When you live out of a car, every item has to be used on a regular basis in order to justify it's space. Many tools become multi-purpose and that helps you limit down your gear.

I take the skills I learned from the road and try to re-use or re-purpose as much as I can today. I'm very lucky to live in a state that values recycling efforts. California has a ban on plastic so we bring reusable bags every time we grocery shop (otherwise stores charge 0.10 per bag). We also try to shop local when we can at the weekly farmer's market (Tuesdays for us).

To grow my own veggies and herbs, I am in the process of beginning my own home garden. A great tip I learned was repurposing egg cartons into mini herb gardens. I planted a carton full of cilantro seeds in under 10 minutes this morning. 

All you need is:

-Egg Carton

-Knife or scissors to poke tiny holes in the bottom of the carton








1) Poke tiny holes in the bottoms of an empty egg carton.

2) Set on a rag. Add soil so each crater is 3/4 full. Add seeds or baby starters.

3) Press seeds into soil until covered. Mist with water.

4) Set your herb garden in a sunny spot (4+ hrs a day).

5) Water according to the directions on your seeds.


Voila! A carton full of cilantro planted in under 10 minutes.

Voila! A carton full of cilantro planted in under 10 minutes.

*This article was originally written by Kayla Clements for Made by Minga and published July 1, 2018. Read the full article here