Labor Day Canapés

Labor Day Canapés

The theme was 1950s and the style was pot-luck.

My sister came into town for a family reunion this past weekend and we prepped our dishes beforehand together. She was planning to bring her famous ham + swiss sammies, which are heavenly and full of flavor. Although delicious, I wanted to bring a healthy alternative as we have a few vegetarian + gluten-free family members. I did a quick search for 1950's appetizers and behold the canapé's. 

can·a·pé (noun): a small piece of bread or pastry with a savory topping, often served with drinks at a reception or formal party.

I went to the store to see what was fresh and grabbed a few items to make my own version. My canapé's are vegan, gluten-free, and take only ten minutes to assemble from start to finish. They are perfect to bring to any labor day gathering this weekend. 




Sundried Tomato + Basil Hummus (Vegan) (I used Cedar's found at Sprout's Farmer's Market)

Gluten-Free Crackers

Fresh Dill

Cherry Tomatoes


Freshly cracked pepper




Assembly instructions:

1) Wash and dry all produce. Slice cucumbers into thin rounds. 

2) Lay out crackers and top with sliced cucumber.

3) Scoop a spoonful of hummus onto each cucumber.

4) Sprinkle a pinch of dill on top of hummus. (You can also put the dill on top of the tomato but I found it easier to stay put underneath.)

5) Spear a cherry tomato atop the dill. 

6) Sprinkle all with freshly cracked pepper.

7) Bon appétit!